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With over 16% of the population over the age of 65 and 19% with a disability, providing prompt emergency care at a residence has become a more common occurrence and if forced entry is required, it can be a traumatic and costly one.  The Roper Municipal Lock Box program can provide a simple solution for both the municipality and the resident in these situations.

The Roper Municipal lock box program provides Safety Personnel prompt accessibility into their resident’s homes or local businesses in emergency situations. This low cost, simple solution provides the resident or business owner with an easily accessible lock box that contains a key to the home/business, as well as optional medical or other information that can be quickly accessed by emergency personnel with a secured and unique key.

Peace of mind

  • Provides residents with the peace of mind knowing that emergency personnel can easily enter their homes in emergency situations.  Older home bound residents or those with disabilities are just a couple of groups that benefit from such a program.

  • Provides another layer of assurance for loved ones, knowing their elderly can be quickly accessed in times of emergency.

Emergency Personnel Benefits

  • Prompt entry into a residence in times of emergencies; no need for forced entry with the trauma and expenses that may cause.

  • Box may contain medical or other pertinent information about the resident, such as allergies, existing conditions, medications, emergency contact info etc. that can provide immediate assistance on location. 

  • No need to re-secure the residence or business after a forced entry. Simply place the key and information card back in the Lock Box.


  • Each Municipality is provided a unique lock box code combination that can only be accessed by their keys.

  • There are over 800,000 possible key combinations and all Roper Lock box codes are unique to Roper.

  • Keys are only assigned and sold to the authorized contacts of record at the municipality

  • Each lock box has 8 possible key settings.  If a key is misplaced, or the administrator of the program has a need to change the key code, there is no need to change out the boxes.  The new codes can be easily re-set at the individual box in under 30 seconds.


Municipalities may purchase the boxes and either resell or give them to certain residents, or residents may purchase them directly from Roper with the proper code configuration for their municipality set upon delivery.

  • Boxes are inexpensive and are a one-time cost to the purchasers (less than $40 per box)

  • Municipality Keys are only $7 each.

This is a potentially life-saving, affordable and easily implemented program for both the municipality as well as the resident.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do the residents or businesses purchase the correct box for their community?

After the program creation and implementation with the municipality, a business or individual simply goes online or calls us directly to purchase the product indicating which municipality they belong to.  Roper would then send the box that is unique to that municipality with the proper configuration to be used upon installation.  The resident or business would fill out the optional information card, obtain a duplicate entry key, and contact their local Municipality representative. 

Since only authorized personnel have access to the lock box key, the Municipality representative would pay a visit to the location to place the duplicate entry key as well as the information card in the lock box, and they are ready to go.

What kind of information is contained in the lock box?

For a resident, the information could be pertinent information relating to their emergency care such as allergies, current medications, recent conditions, etc.  Even if someone is present when the first responders arrive on scene, receiving this critical information could be difficult to obtain or inaccurate. 

Where do I locate these boxes at the residence or business? ChangeMatic Cylander Locks

The location would depend on the type of box that is preferred by the resident, or the municipality.  There are 3 types to choose from:

  • Over the Door:  Hangs from the top of the door
  • Door Hanging:   Hangs from the door knob
  • Wall Mounted:   Mounted on the inside door jamb or in close proximity to the entryway


Who purchases the product?

This varies depending on the desire of the municipality.  Because of their low cost, some cities may purchase and allocate the boxes to those in need.  They may then reallocate these assets as needed.

Other cities set up the program with Roper, then advertise the availability of the program to their community. The residents or businesses then order directly from Roper.

Give us a call and we can discuss all of your options.

We have other “locks” and secure areas in our Municipality and would like to consolidate the number of keys; Do I have options?

Too Many Keys?

The simple answer is yes!  We have customers today that accomplish this in a couple of different ways.

If your municipality already uses the same lock mechanism style provided in our Change-Matic Locks, the cylinder mechanism can be replaced with the same lock mechanism but coded to your Municipality Critical Entry program, or if you prefer to a new code sequence (new key). 

Other organizations have implemented a program where they place a lock box at every one of their secure locations.  This lock box contains the key to that entrance or asset.

ChangeMatic Cylander Locks

The lock boxes all share the same key code which allows the authorized individual to carry one key to open all of their lock boxes, which in turn contains the key for that particular lock (door, electric panel, any other secure location).  One key can now access all or sections of your secured areas depending upon your implementation and security needs.

The municipality now has greater control over the number of keys distributed and returned, thus less complicated and greater control of the accessibility to these secure areas.  If a key is misplaced, the municipality can change the key combination on the lock boxes locally in under 30 Seconds! (see how)

What happens if we lose a key?

The potential for loss or misplacement of a key can cause a serious security breach for any organization.  That is why Roper provides a lock box that not only assigns a unique code for each Municipality, but also has 8 potential key settings for each code.  If the key setting needs to be changed on a lock box, it can be done so with a code-specific “reset” key without the need of changing out the lock's mechanism or the boxes. With other programs lost keys can result in thousands of dollars of re-keying or replacing of thousands of boxes. 

How do municipalities get the message out to their residents or business that the program exists?

Flyers, community events, local senior centers, home care organizations, etc. 

How do we get started?

Contact Roper at (330) 656-5148 and we would be happy to discuss all of your options.


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